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Isolat: making together a new Forum Theatre

Partners’ team are working hard to create a Forum Theatre that take advantage of new technologies to go beyond physical limits.

Each country’s team is growing through the trials, involving more and more Youth Workers and Young People that are actively participating to Isolat.

If you are a project partner or a participant, please register to add a node to our network!!

Log in to the reserved area and get full access to ISOLAT services and tools, it is as easy as filling in the form. After filling in these fields, you will get access to ISOLAT training tools.

You will also access the Guidelines Blog and Questionnaires to contribute to the research carried out in the project.

In the Blog you can post directly, or write to other operators, commenting on training materials and guidelines.

A continuous contribution in the web site is as important and the concrete development of the Forum Theatre trials in our country.

Together we can share experiences and develop common new Forum Theatre projects and ideas beyond any border.

This is an important step to make the best of ISOLAT products and let them be European tools!