What a Forum!

Partners’ team are working hard to create a Streaming Forum Theatre that takes advantage of new technologies to go beyond physical limits. Opening participation to the Forum Theatre to people at distance, jumping beyond borders through online participation is a challenge!

Sharing experiences and building together the new methodology and tools is the strength of the project.

Join our network to know better ISOLAT methodology and tools and improve them!

If you are a Youth worker or an Organization interested in the project tools and results, please register as a stakeholder of the project

Who are ISOLAT’s stakeholders?

Stakeholders do play an important role in this project because the aim is to develop guidelines and training tools for youth workers (educators, trainers, counselors, etc.) and their organization, who wants to use the Forum Theatre as a training method. Such a tool can indeed help who, much or less experienced, is active in the field of youth non formal training. Education and formal training organizations or workers are welcome as well.

We are looking forward to exchanging views, criticism and integrations to our tools and guidelines with who can be interested to use them on the field, in order to improve them and make them more and more user friendly.

Contribution on experience carried out on the basis of ISOLAT tools are welcome. They will increase the collection of best practices and trials.

The network of people that experienced this method is going to be strengthened and widespread!

Why join us as an ISOLAT stakeholder?

  • To know better ISOLAT methodology and training tools for the use of Streaming Forum Theater in youth training and education
  • To get access to the training services that will be available online and free at our website.
  • To develop your own experience of Forum Theatre, also together with the ISOLAT partners (collaborating to the design, asking questions, using streaming tools and intervention)
  • To contribute  to the improvement of ISOLAT online Forum Theatre methodology and tools
  • To participate to the ISOLAT Forum Theater network

Feel free to register to the website and get full access to our services, it is as easy as filling in the form. After filling in these fields, you will get access to the Guidelines and Questionnaires to contribute to the research carried out in the project.

In the Blog you can post directly, or write to other operators, commenting on training materials and guidelines. You can send experience and ask questions to implement your own Streaming Forum Theatre.

This is an important step to make the best of ISOLAT products and let them be European tools!

Thank you!